How to Ride

Plan Your Trip
This website includes everything you need to know to plan your trip on Bluegrass RIDE.

For a detailed trip plan, you can use the trip planner on our home page.

You can also plan your transit trip in Google Maps on your smart phone. Just enter your start point and destination and click the transit icon for a detailed trip plan.

Catch the Bus at Any Signed Bus Stop
Get on and off the bus anywhere you see this sign. See the route map for the bus stops closest to you and your destination.

If you Can’t Get to the Bus Stop, Request a Pickup
The RIDE bus will travel up to ½ mile off the route to pick you up. If you need a “deviation,” please call at least 24 hours ahead to schedule your pickup. Call 800-456-6588.

Fare-Free Rides
Bluegrass RIDE is fare-free, so hop on and forget about high gas prices.

Easily Transfer Between Routes
If you need to transfer between routes, it’s easy. Each community served by Bluegrass RIDE has a central transfer stop where the routes connect for easy, timed transfers. And since the RIDE is free, so is the transfer!

Wheelchair Accessibility
All Bluegrass RIDE vehicles are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate up to two passengers in wheelchairs.

Bike Racks
All Bluegrass RIDE buses are equipped with bike racks, on the front of the bus, that can hold up to two bicycles. Bike racks are available on a first come, first served basis.